24 June 2008

Hi All

Sorry but I have been absent for a while, it got a bit hectic with my daughter being here. She had so much to do to get her house ready for renting that what with one thing and another, unfortunately, crafting had to take second place. We did a little at my craft club but mostly for her to take back. About two weeks after landing back in Tasmania, she has to prepare for a Craft Fair in Hobart. Her and another demonstrator are taking a chance and I wish them both all the best, I am sure it will be a success. I do feel a bit sorry for my daughter, she has been working on her house in UK for about 10 years and between having her sons has done a bit here and a bit there. It now looks lovely, (new kitchen, new windows, painted and decorated etc). She worked really hard and I am very proud of her.

I will have to get my skates on as I have two workshops at the beginning of July so will post some more cards soon.

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