13 February 2009

Cartons Again

One of our demonstrators, Jo, here, very kindly put a tutorial up for a smaller version of the carton holder, so I followed her instructions for the holder and then made up my own pattern for the miniature cartons.

I did this as a trial, filled them with Jelly Beans and will give it to my husband for Valentines Day (aww....) . He will be delighted as he knows I have a big container full of jelly beans and has been hunting for them for at least a couple of weeks (I got them when I was making pillow boxes). He still does not know where they are but I feel it's only fair that I let him eat the beans in the boxes. Can't stand them myself, too sickly.


Jo said...

Ann they are wonderful! The little milk cartons are pretty cool too ...I'd like to have a go at them.

Thanks for your lovely comments.
Take care,

Zoe said...

Ann just love these. So cute! Zoe