05 February 2009

Cartons, cartons and more cartons

Someone on ILWS put up a picture of something she had made with the link to where she found it. So I went and had a look here, purchased the templates and started.
I had great fun, my mind won't stop thinking about colour combinations, the problem would be, what do I put in them. I tried a colour combination I would never have thought of, the one with the roses on, I used pale plum, rose red and certain celery card stock, wasn't sure how it would turn out, you never know until you try.
This one is chocolate chip and barely banana, I love this colour combination.


Fiona Whitehead said...

They're lovely Ann - love the banana/choc combo.

Sue Robinson said...

Ann these are fantastic,I love them and can see tey will be useful for BD and Christmas etc