04 June 2009

Flip Flop

I think this is called a flip flop book, not really sure. I saw a picture of it and worked out how to do it. Takes a lot of card stock and designer papers but it is quite fun. I think it would be brilliant as a mini scrap book (in fact I think that is what it is supposed to be). I also think it would make a good card to mark a very special birthday with photographs etc. Anyway I made it as a birthday card. The top picture is the book closed and the one below is a view from the top and the front.
I used several stamp sets to achieve this book but the basic colours are very vanilla, chocolate chip and certainly celery. The decoration on the panels is made using the so swirly wheel with chocolate chip ink.

1 comment:

Mae Collins said...

That looks great, a good one to try when you have a bit more free time than me at the moment! Will tag it as one to do in my next holidays and I think it's great how you explain it can be a great birthday card, including photos or a mini scrapbook! Lots of inspiration there!