04 June 2009

Summer Fun???

Over the last few days I have not done too much crafting, the garden was calling and the fish pond has given me such a headache, also my husband has had an operation on his hand to correct a trigger finger problem, it was his left hand, he is left handed, so he was out of action for a few days.

It all started when I came down one morning to find the fish pond had emptied overnight. One of the pipes to the filter had split, so water had been pumping out the side all night. I walked, very gingerly, towards the pond expecting to find all the fish dead in the bottom (we used to have about 25 fish (a couple of quite large silver coys) a visit from the heron has reduced it to about 11). The fish were not dead but swimming quite desperately in a small amount of water. I just threw the hose in and hoped that the pumps had not been damaged. Anyway to cut a long story short, after all that drama, we had what we thought was a power cut, it wasn't, one of the pumps in the pond had blown the main trip switch on the board, therefore we are now one pump down.

However, being addicted to crafting, I have made some cards so here we go.

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