03 December 2009

First Christmas Tree

We spent the evening on Wednesday bringing all the Christmas decorations out of the loft (and what a lot there was). We decided that we needed to downsize the collection so it all had to be sorted and found new homes.

That left quite a mess, so today I have been sorting and put the first tree up in the conservatory. I like to use single colours on my trees so this one is a white tree with red baubles and lights. It has taken me nearly all day to play with this. The roof of the conservatory has wooden rafters so I have hung silver baubles all the way down each rafter. I now have a sore thumb from drawing pins and sore legs from going up and down a ladder. Tomorrow, once the Sky man has been, I will do the tree in the lounge. That will be more traditional, the tree is green and the baubles etc are gold. I will post a picture once I have finished.
The picture does not really do it justice, the red lights are not showing, love the boots, I keep thinking it is going to start walking at any time.


Rachel said...

Lol I love the boots too - I think he needs eyes and a nose - maybe some of those fake disguise ones or something.... or is it Santa's disguise.....

Lynda Moss said...

Ha, you have put your tree up early for you!

Funny as normally I don't put our tree up until as close to Christmas Eve as I can but I even got one of ours up and decorated in under an hour today!

I will do the rest of the decorating this weekend!

Lynda x

Sue Robinson said...

It looks lovely, can see why you think it might walk