10 February 2010

Stamp With Us

Here are a some more projects I have managed to do from Stamp With Us. I did two of the Easter box in different colours..I took the colours of green and lilac as that was the colour of the paper on the eggs. I think they are quite cute. If I could find eggs the same size as the circles it would probably look better.The box is really clever, inside is a section with compartments that comes to the top when you open the box. It could, as Natalie says, be like a sewing box, baby box or a box for a fisherman.This is another of Monica's projects it is a treat box. Monica had chocolate brazils in hers but I didn't have any to hand so it's good old jelly beans, my husbands favourites. It is designed to hang on the door. It is using that wood technique as I used in an earlier post for the frame. You could, if you wanted to draw lines and make it look like floorboards.

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