30 April 2010

Class Project

I thought for a change I would post the project we will be doing in our class next week. I have done it in four different colours ways using four different stamp sets. I just find if I can do that it can reduce the waiting time for the ladies and they all have a project to look at for some inspiration.I really just wanted you to know that I have not been sitting idling, I have been making and cutting all week. Mind you, not been a good day today, I think you know what I mean, everything I touched seems to go wrong, even turning on the light and blew a bulb and to top it all the dog was violently sick in two rooms, on carpet as well as floor. I used a whole kitchen roll to clean it up, gross.

1 comment:

Stamp Happy Jackie said...

Hi Ann,
Sorry it has not been a good day, but it hasn't affected you crafting these are so beautiful I would like to make one of each please
Love Jackie