29 May 2010

Boys Cards

As promised, here are the cards the boys made for their Mum to let her know just how much they love her. It was really touching.

The first is by the 5 year old. It is a 3 x 3" card. The only help I gave was to cut the card to size and cut out the flowers, he did everthing else, placing, stamping etc.

This is from the nine year old, again I only cut the card and cut out the birds. He did all the colouring with markers onto the stamp and stamping decided the layout etc.

The final card is made by the 12 year old, he was totally on his own for this one. It so him.

I think they are fabulous cards and their Mum really loved them.

1 comment:

Zoë said...

Fabulous cards boys! I bet your mum was over the moon with these and your grandma was/is very proud of you all! Zx