25 October 2011

Petal Cone Die Decoration

Good morning all

This is something I made yesterday and completed this morning.

This die, like many others, is really versatile. I am sure I cannot lay claim to the idea because it seemed so obvious to me so I am sure that someone, somewhere has already done this.

It is quite time consuming as the glitter takes some time to dry so it has to be done in stages. The glitter is actually on the inside of the cone, that is why it takes sometime to dry as the glitter needs to come through when the glue is dry. I used Stazon ink as it sticks and dries on acetate well.

I used the stamp set Serene snowflakes, the glitter is all Stampin' Up! I found it quite difficult to photograph to achieve the best effect, the ribbon (1/8" taffeta ribbon) has thrown quite a shadow.

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