22 December 2011

A5 Calendar

Having made a few of the little desk calendars in the little cases I thought I would have a go at making an A5 (just under) just to see if I could. I designed the calendar part on the computer leaving space at the top to make the pictures.

This is a view of the calendar from the side.

Not sure how clear the images will be when I publish the post but I think you will get the idea.

Looks like I am showing off with how many stamp sets I possess (promise I am not).

I didn't try to hard to create the seasons too much because I would find that difficult and it spoils the fun if I try to get too serious.

Thanks for looking - don't know why this is underlining, did not ask for it.


Stamp Happy Jackie said...

Oh Ann, I really love this, you really do inspire.
Love Jackie

Julie said...

Love them ann! Hope you have a good xmas!!! julie xx