11 October 2013


Hi all

Really have to apologise for absolutely no blogging for ages.   I am still here but not crafting, let me explain more.

We sold our house in June this year.   We are still waiting to exchange contracts.  There is only a chain of three, the solicitors at the bottom appear to be obstructive and not get everything moving. We are pulling our hair out.  We are moving to a park home in Guildford and we need the money in the bank to pay the for our new home to be built.   We will be moving to temporary accommodation whilst our home is being built, at this rate it will be after Christmas.

We signed our contract about six weeks ago our buyer has signed her contracts for the sale and purchase, we are just WAITING.

So, as we signed our contacts so long a go and were led to believe exchange etc would be imminent we started packing and sorting what would go into storage, what we need to survive now and what we may need in temporary accommodation.

Therefore all my craft stash has been packed for some weeks now,  all for storage has gone, I am so  fed up.  We are living out of boxes and sleeping on the floor,

My wonderful son, who lives in Scotland, has been helping us put possessions into storage and has been waiting around to help us move to Ashford in Kent.  He is also bored and has been travelling backwards and forwards to Scotland by train to see his wife and has had to leave their dog here.  We love having the dog, but she is sadly missed by her mum and she misses her dad when he is not here.

So just keeping our fingers crossed that it happens soon.

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