19 December 2013


Hi all

I am still here, just not able to post anything.

We have finally made the first move into temporary accommodation.  It is very small, I call it our dolls house.    I have to say tho in spite of it being small I am relieved that we are here and we are warm and the people around us are friendly.

I have managed to squeeze a small crafting space but unable to get too adventurous as most of my toys are still in crates piled up to the ceiling in the smaller of the two bedrooms.

We will probably be here for a few months, depends on how long ours takes to build (we are buying a brand new park home).   I am really excited as we have managed to get a quite a big one and the second bedroom will be my dedicated craft space.   If we have visitors, they will be surrounded by my toys and the bath to sleep in is always an option.

Sorry if you have been bored coming to my page and nothing has been happening.   I have to say the last six months has been quite traumatic with idle promises of an exchange and then nothing.

Anyway, talk soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.



Sue Robinson said...

I have missed you, and was wondering how things were going. A little craft space is better than non at all. hope the time passes quickly for you and all goes well. It is a stressful time moving house but worth it in the end. Have a lovely Christmas. sue

Mark Swinton said...

Awww ann going to miss you.I hope everything goes well for you and reg.Have a merry xmas and happy newyear. Julie x